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NCHL Family Fun Skate DEC. 22

Come on out with the family to Frank Crane Arena on December 22nd at 4:30 for our annual Family Fun Skate.  Their will be free skating, skate rentals, pizza, snacks and drinks.  Completely free to all members and their families.

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CARHA Coverage

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Helmet guidelines

An official is not going to make sure you're helmet/visor/mask is approved.  That is up to you to determine how important your head and face are to you.
But an official may ask you to leave the ice because of;
     -chin strap is missing/undone.  Even if a full cage is attached.  This is a CARHA rule and warm up is included.
     -visor/cage/mask isn't secured properly.  One of the two straps holding on the cage is not considered proper.
     -or anything else the official notices that he believes to be unsafe. 

ATTENTION GOALIES:  Wearing an uncertified cateye cage is legal in our league, but is at the risk of the person wearing it.  Any injuring caused by the enlarged eye holes will not be insured or covered in any way.

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