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The 2018 NCHL Draft is Wednesday, June 20th, 7pm at Beban Social Centre C.  All Team Reps and 1 team assistant allowed per team.  

The Returning player lists will be available after Registration closes, probably around the 10th, and then we will need your Protected Player lists shortly thereafter, so we have them prior to the Draft.

PLEASE INFORM THOSE PLAYERS THAT YOU ARE LEAVING UNPROTECTED AS TO THEIR STATUS IN ADVANCE! There is nothing worse than finding out you've been 'let go'  by having your new Team Rep call you on Draft night.  Have some respect for your teammates by talking to them beforehand, everyone knows that the whole team can't be protected, so be a stand-up guy and do the right thing!

News: Play Hockey

Registration is now live for Returning Roster Players Only.  Team Reps, please check in on your players and make sure they got the registration email.

Registration for Team Rosters has begun and will end at midnight on May 31st.  Please do not leave it till the last day.  If you miss the deadline for whatever reason, you lose your spot.

If you are not planning on returning next year please email Andre at nchlreg@gmail.com.  

If you wish to leave your roster position and join the spare list, please email Andre at nchlreg@gmail.com.

This registration is for full time roster players only.  All other registration, will be at a later date.

Kyle Hains
NCHL President



News: Nina Bukovac Photography Pic Of the Week

Nina's weekly photo.  Check her out on FB for more pics.  If you would like to arrange a team photo you can contact Nina at info@ninabukovacphotography.com or on her website at 

News: Helmet guidelines

An official is not going to make sure you're helmet/visor/mask is approved.  That is up to you to determine how important your head and face are to you.
But an official may ask you to leave the ice because of;
     -chin strap is missing/undone.  Even if a full cage is attached.  This is a CARHA rule and warm up is included.
     -visor/cage/mask isn't secured properly.  One of the two straps holding on the cage is not considered proper.
     -or anything else the official notices that he believes to be unsafe. 

ATTENTION GOALIES:  Wearing an uncertified cateye cage is legal in our league, but is at the risk of the person wearing it.  Any injuring caused by the enlarged eye holes will not be insured or covered in any way.

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